RAG Privacy Policy

RAG holds personal data about members on its database, which consists of the information that members provided on the RAG membership form when they joined.  This includes: name, address, telephone number, email address (if provided), subscription history and whether or not members are prepared to help RAG by delivering leaflets, writing letters etc.  The data is held securely in a database on an encrypted personal computer and it is not stored on the web or in 'the cloud'.  We have never shared such data with any other organisation and we will not do so.  It is used solely for the efficient management of RAG and to keep members informed about our campaign and notices of General Meetings etc.  If membership of RAG lapses we will delete the information we hold after a period of 12 months, but at the moment (2018) we are not charging an annual membership fee, and membership will only lapse if members ask to leave the group.

Members have the absolute right to see and know all the information that RAG holds about them and to request the correction and/or removal of any of this information at any time. Members can request a copy of the information we hold by contacting RAG at info@LlanishenRAG.com or by writing to RAG c/o 32 West Rise, Llanishen, Cardiff, CF14 0RE.  If members ask to have their information removed from the RAG database, this will be done as soon as possible and certainly within 28 days.

RAG will only send members information relevant to our campaign and this will usually be by email or letter.  On rare occasions, we may contact members by telephone.